Your videos might be obscured by new YouTube metrics

This Applies if you make low quality or “inappropriate” content. YouTube has recently introduced two new metrics. The first shows how much time users spend on the site watching videos, reading comments, etc. The second identifies content that fits the Quality Watch Time – although the nature of this concept is still unclear. Read further to learn the details.

High-quality videos have to be not only entertaining but also constructive and, in some way, even responsible. YouTube thinks the new metrics will help encourage those authors who make content appropriate for viewers and advertisers, as well as fight the videos of low quality, those featuring extremism, and mindless entertainment. Toxic content will also be considered as inappropriate.

The influence of the new metrics on the statistics of your videos will be even more significant than the influence of YouTube recommendations.

Nobody clarified how the Quality Watch Time will be measured and identified, though.

The introduction of the new metrics is probably the result of the recent scandal. Advertisers left YouTube one by one because their ads were displayed on extremist videos and videos with dubious content. For example, some of them found their ads featured in ambiguous videos with kids that were drowning in pedophilic comments.

Source: Bloomberg

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