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Kanye West Says He’s Running For President, Kim Kardashian First Lady Of The United States?

Racist White Man Plans To Kill Black People, Hispanic People & Black Lives Matter Protesters

Racist White Men Attack & Assaults Black Man While Yelling “Get A Noose”

White Racist Jimmy John’s Employees Stage Lynching With Noose Made Of Dough!!!😱

Christopher Columbus Statue Destroyed And Threw In Harbor By Protesters In Baltimore

Police Officer Involved In The Death Of George Floyd Released From Jail

50 Cent Speaks On “Angry Black Women” Getting Mad with Lil Wayne

Black Girl Kicked Out Of School For Wearing “Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt

Crazy White Woman Looses Her Mind, Tried Breaking Glass Door With Head

Mugshots Of The White Couple That Used Gun On Black Woman & Her Daughter