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Kanye West No Longer Supports Donald Trump, “I Am Taking The Red Hat Off, With This Interview”

Presidential Candidate Kanye West Says Democrats Control Black People, Racism & White Supremacy

Presidential Candidate Kanye West Suffers Bipolar Episode, Family Really Concerned

Racist White Man Says: “Black Lives Matter Are Human Garbage” & White Supporters Are Idiots

Coronavirus: Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro Tests Positive For COVID-19 After Downplaying It

Racist Foreign White Woman Tells Black Girls To Go Back To Thier Country

Racist White Man Plans To Kill Black People, Hispanic People & Black Lives Matter Protesters

Racist White Men Attack & Assaults Black Man While Yelling “Get A Noose”

White Racist Jimmy John’s Employees Stage Lynching With Noose Made Of Dough!!!😱

Christopher Columbus Statue Destroyed And Threw In Harbor By Protesters In Baltimore