Empire Actor ‪”Bryshere Gray” Allegedly Beat His Wife For Hours According To Police Report

Empire actor ‪”Bryshere Gray” allegedly beat his wife for hours according to police report.

According to the Police report, his wife flagged down a citizen for help, they drove to the Circle K and called 911.

‪Bryshere Yazuan Gray is accused of aggravated assault (strangulation), assault (domestic violence) and disorderly conduct.‬

Bryshere Gray, an actor who played Hakeem in the Fox Empire drama, has been arrested after his wife reported him to police for assault on Sunday, July 12.

Police reported that the actor was arrested early Monday morning outside his home in the suburbs of Goodyear, Arizona. His wife accused him of assaulting her for hours and suffocating her until she was unconscious.

Officials said that Gray initially refused to leave the house, and a SWAT team was notified to negotiate with the interpreter. He was eventually detained and entered prison in Maricopa County on charges of domestic violence.

According to the police, they answered a 911 call made around 10:15 p.m. The caller claimed to be a woman who had been assaulted by her husband at his home, naming Gray as the author.

In a press release, police reported that the woman had subsequently caught the attention of a driver at a service station and confessed to her that she had been assaulted for several hours. 

Police claimed that the actor’s wife was clearly injured and had to be treated at the hospital for her injuries. The police department also posted the artist’s photo on Twitter after he was detained.

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