Even Hip Hop Pros Watch How Other Music Pros Promote

They say the best way to have success is to study how successful people operate. This frame of mind works almost too well in the music industry. Not only are indie artists studying the game, but established music brands like Bun B and DJ Pain 1 are educating themselves simply by paying attention to other’s marketing efforts. Check out some of the comments given below.

Question: What is the best social media campaign you have seen from a rapper/hip hop brand?

Illmind:  Honestly, I think we’re all still trying to figure that out. Some campaigns seemed to have worked better than others, but I don’t think anyone’s knocked it out the ballpark just yet.

J Hatch: Best was probably a producer named Willie B @ichibandon when he dropped his instagram Beat Tape with incredible visuals he shot in NYC (although he lives in LA) and more currently @DaveEast signed to Nas’ Mass Appeal. He is just taking you into his world a little, fresh visuals, rocawear shoots behind the scenes, studio sessions, people he has met along his journey but also hood at same time and in the internet world of ‘keeping it real’ you can tell he speaks what he lives.

Frankie Vegas: I would definitely have to say my family in the Wu-Tang Clan, Wu Music Group and Razor Sharp Records with their constant inspiration and loyalty of everyone who ever claimed to enjoy their music or production. The Wu symbol, overall message and brand is forever. You can’t break a foundation like that.

Bun B: Wow, that’s a great question actually. I like how J. Cole uses Social Media and makes connections with his fans. On his last album he used social media to monitor who were his most devoted fans and bring them in deeper inside the experience. One fans he actually went over to their house and played them the album early.

Rob Markman: You can always tell when Kanye West is about to drop a project because he goes to Twitter heavy. It’s very effective for him, and this is a guy that you want to hear from constantly, but he does tweet often. So when he does you’re sure to pay attention. Also, Reverend Run used to have Twitter on lock with his quotes every day, that was early, but he really branded that.

Ty Cannon: Kanye’s “New Slaves” projector premiere. It was a great, innovative way to launch his album.

Kathy Iandoli: Maybe I’m alone on this island, but I love when Kanye West snaps.

DJ Pain 1: I think Lil B was the king of fan interaction, at least initially. I don’t believe what he does is a campaign, but he’s constantly interacting with/thanking/shouting out people who interact with him. He gives people attention, which in turn gives him and his brand attention.

Nadeska Alexis: I loved the way J. Cole approached the release of his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album. He didn’t bother with releasing snippets and all of that other nonsense. Why Are We Still Releasing Snippets? And, instead, visited cities to play the album for fans and let Rikki Ma share the journey via her accounts as a correspondent. Pretty dope.

(Source: HipHopDX)

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