How to Get People Wanting to Hear Your Music

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a few quick ideas on how to get people excited to listen to your music! Everyone is claiming to do music these days, meaning that you have to stand out and find a way to get people excited about hearing you in particular. Try one of these methods and see if they work for you.

1. Let Them be a Judge

People like to hold positions of power, even if in small or somewhat irrelevant situations. Ask someone to listen to your music while stressing the fact they they can judge (based on any scale you guys choose) however they decide after hearing it. This way, even if they don’t like you, they are excited to tell you your score as they’ve involved themselves heavily in this process with such power and all.

2. Appeal to What They Like Already

Try to find out what the person of interest likes in terms of music. If someone is in love with Taylor Swift and you have songs with beats that sound just like Taylor’s style, let the potential listener know! This way they are more eager to hear what you have since it relates to something they already like.

3. Offer an Exchange

Since a lot of music on the internet is free now, especially indie songs, it may not be smart to believe giving away songs is enough of an exchange to get someone’s support these days. Get creative and offer something really small yet valuable that you can still give to those who listen and support you. A good idea that many artists are adopting is to support other artists by listening to their songs while the other artist will gives the listener’s music a chance in return.

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