Kanye West FLOPS! Didn’t Make South Carolina Voting Ballot Following Rally

Kanye West FLOPS! Didn’t make South Carolina voting ballot following rally.

WOW!!! Despite the turnout for Kanye West’s headline-making rally in South Carolina, Mr West failed to actually get on the ballot in the state of South Carolina.

The Director of Public Information for the South Carolina State Election Commission, Chris Whitmore, told TMZ that Kanye’s campaign missed Monday’s deadline to get on the November ballot.

Kanye West, who is running with the independent Birthday Party, had a hard deadline of 12 p.m. ET today to get the 10,000 signatures needed as a petition candidate. The election commission didn’t hear from Kanye West or his campaign and didn’t receive any traditional signatures nor any digital signatures.

In his South Carolina rally, Kanye made comments about Harriet Tubman and his thoughts on abortion before breaking down into tears.

“Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people.”

Kanye West said this screaming… It was more like a cry for help:

“I almost killed my daughter. I love my daughter. … God wants us to create,”

“No more Plan B — Plan A,”

“The maximum increase would be everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars or something in that range.”

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