Personal Assistant Of Tech CEO Fahim Saleh Has Been Charged In His Murder

Personal assistant of Tech CEO Fahim Saleh has been charged in his murder.

Personal assistant to tech CEO Fahim Saleh has been charged in his gruesome murder. Saleh’s dismembered body was found at his luxury Manhattan condo earlier this week and now in a shocking turn of events, authorities have arrested his personal assistant, 21-year-old Tyrese Devon Haspil, in connection to Saleh’s death.

According to theGrio, Fahim Saleh was believed to have been murdered and decapitated after he had discovered his assistant had allegedly stole tens of thousands of dollars from him. Tyrese Devon Haspil will face a second-degree murder charge.

Police believe Saleh attempted to give Haspil a chance to pay him back and offered to set up a payment plan for him to repay the money instead of reporting him to the authorities.New York Post reported that it was $100,000 and that Haspil hadn’t agreed to repay Saleh.