Racist White Man Tells Arab Employee “We Been Killing Your Kind For About 20 Years”


Racist white man tells Arab employee “We been killing your kind for about 20 years.”

A man was arrested after making racist comments about Arabs to an AT&T store employee in Friendswood.

Joey Derek Christian of Pasadena, TX who went into a cell phone store and went on a rant. Christian came into the store because his nephew was required to provide identification to sign up for a plan.

There was disagreement with Christian and “Mo” the cell phone service employee and it came out that his name “Mo” was actually “Mohammed.” This seemed to make Christian angry who launched into a racist rant saying he has been killing this kind in foreign countries for two years – implying his military service. Joey soon expanded his claim to twenty years of killing Arabs.

Joey Christian was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct and was fined $682.

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