Racist White Woman Calls Black American Women “Barack Obama F*ck*** Ape Wife”


Racist white woman calls black American women “Barack Obama f*ck** Ape wife”.

She is referring to the former first lady of the United States Of America, Michelle Obama.

For those that don’t know what an Ape is…Here’s the defination: An Ape is a large primate that lacks a tail, including the gorilla, chimpanzees, orangutan, and gibbons.

In a video circulating the internet, we can see this racist white woman saying this racist words to an African American woman.

She also went on to call the woman the N-Word. This is Sad!

She added:

Barrack Obama f*ck*** D**k right next to his ape f*ck*** wife. Barrack Obama f*ck*** ape wife. n*gg** ape! n*gg** ape! you f*ck*** n*gg** apes! what’s the matter you n*gg** apes? what’s the matter? you got time to f*ck*** do your hair?

This happend around New York City. This is disgusting!.

Click here to watch the video

Black Lives Matter. #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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