Racist White Woman Calls White Couple N*gg**s “You’re a N*gg** Honey”


Racist white woman calls white couple n*gg**s “you’re a n*gg** honey.”

Racist white woman Jessica Evans calls white couple “n*gg**s. She doesn’t have a job and lives off welfare (The government she speaks of in the video).

Jessica Evans has called the police on numerous of people in her neighborhood over dogs barking and more. 😱

She added:

“You’ve been screaming since what time? you just moved in, you just moved in.” “All you n*gg**s are making a scene.”

The couple replied:

“I’m gonna find out where you work and youre gonna lose your job.”

She replied:

“I’m getting paid by the government.”

The couple added:

“you can’t say that word.”

The lady replied:

“really n*gg**? You’re a nigger honey.”

Click here to watch the video

Say no to racism!!! This is bad!.

Black Lives Matter. #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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