The Indie Music Game Has Changed. Here’s How You Play

The days of getting an unexpected record deal are over. The times where an artist’s biggest job was limited to performing and doing interviews is now a thing of the past. Not understanding how the new game works is a sure way to never excel.


Artists have the ability to create and market their own material these days. Ever since the access to studios and music brand expansion became easier for those who weren’t in the business officially, the entire game changed. Indie artists have been given the chance to shine in front of millions with the help of the digital age. With all these new artists entering the game without “permission”, the industry game changers are adapting and changing the way they spot new talent.


To play the game in this day and age, you need to have a mindset of your music being the structure of a business. Your main goals need to be expansion and management. You have to be on point when it comes to expanding your listeners reach, constantly bringing in new fans and building your target audience. You have to be consistent in keeping your current audience pleased, managing your brands presence and administration like a pro.

“The labels are looking to invest in small businesses that already have momentum.” – Rick Barker, former manager to Taylor Swift and founder of the Music Industry Blueprint

(Source: PushPowerPromo)

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