Walmart Calls Police Officers On Black Baby, Mom & Dad Racially Profiled For Shoplifting

Walmart calls police officers on Black baby, mom & dad racially profiled for shoplifting. This happened in Kansas.

In this video trending on social media, a Black family including their baby were racially profiled for shop lifting in walmart for groceries that was less than $100 in total.

The assistant manager at walmart racially profiled this black family and called the police on them.

Their baby had burns on the body was forced to be in the sun for so long while the cops were checking the reciept.

The father says in the video:

“This dude got my son out here in the heat … over $100 worth of groceries that they think I stole because I’m black.”

The officers were looking at the reciept to check what the family purchased, and also looking at the items purchased.

Just beacuse it was a black family, they were racially profiled. At the end, the police officers let the family go without any problem.

The black man added towards the end of the video:

“You think everything looks good? F**k you!”

This is another example of shopping in The United States Of America while black. This is a usual racial discrimination black people go through in America.

“Shopping while black” describes the experience of being denied service or given poor service because one is black.

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