White Woman Calls Police On 9-Year-Old Girl Who Wrote ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Chalk

White woman calls police on 9-year-old girl who wrote ‘Black Lives Matter’ in chalk.

There’s been yet another incident of a person calling law enforcement on their neighbor for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, but this time around it was for a 9-year-old girl.

Mira Acklin, a 9-year-old wrote ‘Black Lives Matter” in chalk on her street because she was trying to support the anti-racism movement.

A white woman named “Billie,” who lives nearby the 9-year-old, apparently took it upon herself to call the police, who arrived to evaluate the situation.

Mira Acklin, who is nine years old, told local Ohio Television station WBNS-TV that:

“I think that black and white people they should be treated the same, and I wanted to show my support and how much I really care about black people.”

The neighbour, Billie, who called the police was apparently screaming:

“This neighbourhood is going to hell!’ before reporting the child to police.”

When the deputies from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office arrived, the girl’s mother Jenna Acklin said the police told her family that they’d done nothing wrong. The deputies then spoke to the neighbour who had called them.

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