Racist White Woman Tells Black Child At Swimming Pool “You Don’t Belong Here” Infront Of His Mum


Racist white woman tells Black child at swimming pool “You Don’t Belong Here” Infront of his mum.

The Black child’s mother explained the situation via facebook:

This karen harrassed my 11 year old child by telling him when my back was turned that “He” and Dom quotes “Does not belong here”.

We didn’t know the new rules required a wrist band and would have been more than happy to go to the office to get one (see next pic posted with wrist bands).

Honestly i came a long way beacause i swear i saw red but i had to stay calm. She threatened to call police on my 11 year old f**king child after he jumped back in the pool.

Make a long story short, she was the one who ended up leaving. Because anywhere we are we belong. Her name is Cindy Young. She is an educator in Mecklenburg County. Stay tuned for next pic.

WOW!!! This is unbelievable!!!

Click here to watch the video

Black Lives Matter. #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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