White Woman Threatens To Call Police On Black Man For Allergdly Dumping Trash On Her Property

White woman threatens to call police on black man for allergdly dumping trash on her property.

He wrote on Instagram:

“So check this out, I was doing my job and this lady felt the nerve to come all the way out her house to bother me and threaten me and my job. This wasn’t the first time she approached me or my coworker the way she does, Her husband also came off rude and racist as hell but I brushed It off and told them to contact the company as I explain in the video. This particular day I decided to pull out my cell phone and record her & the way she was acting because it was beyond me and all the yelling she was doing for no reason. Folks like her make it hard trying to do my job in America as a black man. It’s Sad. She claim i was dumping leaves on her property when I don’t even do leaves my company puts down pine straw smh, If i was in the wrong i could easily fix the problem but i did nothing wrong to this lady she just came outside upset this day for no reason besides seeing a black man in her nice neighborhood working smh.”

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