Police Officer That Murdered Rayshard Brooks Released From Jail

Police officer that murdered Rayshard Brooks released from jail.

Garrett Rolfe, The police officer that was responsible for fatally shooting and killing Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot, has now been released from jail on bond as of Wednesday morning. Garrett Rolfe’s bond was set at $500,000 by Judge Jane C. Barwick, who says that Rolfe is not a danger to the community.

According to KTLA, Judge Jane C. Barwick has ruled that Garrett Rolfe will have to wear an ankle monitor, he will not be able to carry any sort of weapon, and he must surrender his passport. The decision came after Rayshard’s widow, Tomika Miller, asked the judge to deny the release of Rolfe.

Rayshard’s widow, Tomika Miller said:

“Officer Rolfe has already shown he’s a danger to the community. The way he stood over my husband and kicked his body, and I can only imagine what he felt and how scared he was at the time,” “Killing him wasn’t enough. They stood there when something could’ve been done to save him.”

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