Racist White Woman Calls Black Woman N*gg** In Louisiana


Racist white woman calls Black woman n*gg** in louisiana.

Her name is “Susie O’Harra”. She called a black woman a n*gg** in Louisiana. The act was caught on video.

This should be considered a hate crime. Racism should be a federal felony. Imagine how that black woman felt after this encounter.

This racist woman should not be able to hold a job or work with anyone. She is a danger to her community and America.

She added:

did you get that n*gg**?
put it on facebook
come to my house n*gg**
bye n*gg**”

Click here to watch the video

Say no to racism!!! Black Lives Matter. #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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