Califonia Breaks Coronavirus COVID-19 Record “Over 6,600 New Infections In One Day”

Califonia breaks coronavirus COVID-19 record “over 6,600 new infections in one single day”.

It’s very important to wear a mask, social distance and quarantine. The spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 recently has seen major spikes in different places, and unfortunately California has broken a record with new infections of 6,600 in one single day.

LA Times reported that California broke a single-day record for the most coronavirus cases reported with over 6,600!. With the reopening of the state still set for July 4th weekend, we advise everyone in general and not only California residents to wear a mask and social distance. Protect yourselves, stay safe and healthy!

Hospitalizations are also on the rise in several parts of the state. LA County officials said that hospitals currently have capacity, but it’s possible ICU beds will be limited in the coming weeks if COVID-19 patients have to compete for space against other patients (Via @CShalby)

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