Death Of Elijah McClain: More Than 2 Million People Demand Justice

Death of Elijah McClain: more than 2 million people demand justice.

There have been different calls for justice in numerous cases that may have been overlooked the past few years and one of those stories that is rising to prominence is that of Elijah McClain.

Elijah McClain, who was from Aurora, Colorado, died of a heart attack after three police officers responded to a suspicious person call on August 24, 2019, they put him in a carotid chokehold and had him injected with a heavy dose of ketamine (a tranquilizer). He was a bright-smiled young man who loved to play violin and people all over the country are outraged at the outcome of his tragic story.

According to yahoolife, A disturbing body cam video shows Elijah, just 140 pounds, struggled with officers for nearly 15 minutes repeatedly sobbing and vomiting before he was sedated with the ketamine and loaded into an ambulance. He survived two heart attacks en route to a nearby hospital, but he was pronounced brain dead three days later and died on August 30th of 2019.

Close to a year after his death, people are now demanding that his case has to be looked into again because Elijah was never suspected of any crime and he was also unarmed.

Click here to watch a video shared by Elijah’s family

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