Racist White Man Says ‘BLACKS SHOULD BE SLAVES’ Screams ‘I Hang N******s On Weekends’


Racist white man says ‘BLACKS SHOULD BE SLAVES’ screams ‘I hang n******s on weekends’

Jakeila Phillips, of Utica, New York, wrote on Facebook that she “finally got to catch” one of the racist encounters she experiences “all the time” on camera.

A Black woman posted a shocking video on Saturday of a man shouting at her that he hates “n*****s” and that “black lives don’t matter.”

The 54-second-long video shows Barry Wardell, a white man yelling from another car as Jakeila Phillips drives past.

Jakeila, a Black woman who remains calm throughout the encounter, is heard asking Wardell.

“What did you say?”

Barry Replies

“I said I hate n******! Put me on Facebook! Black lives don’t matter!”

Quickly, Wardell shouts: “N******!”

Jakeila asks the man in her video.

“Anything else?”

Barry yells

“Black should be slaves,” . “Give me back my grandparents’ property divided by your f**king ancestors.”

When Phillips asks what the man’s name is, he tells her it’s Barry Wardell, and said he works as a chef.

“I cook, I’m a chef. And I hang n*****s on the weekend!” he shouts as the car drives ahead.

Barry tells Jakeila before the video ends.

“No disrespect to you.”

Click here to watch the video

Black Lives Matter. #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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