Racist woman “Stephanie Rapkin” spits on black kid & assaults man now arrested

Racist woman “Stephanie Rapkin” spits on black kid & assaults man now arrested. 😱

Some people are calling for the disbarment of an attorney who spat on a high school student during a peaceful protest in a Milwaukee, which resulted from the murder of George Floyd by Ex-Police officer Derek Chauvin.

Lawyer Stephanie Rapkin, a white woman, showed up at the George Floyd protest Saturday in Shorewood and she parked her car in the street purposely blocking the march.

When the protesters approached her to asked her to move her car, the video shows Stephanie Rapkin spitting on a black teenager, Eric Lucas, a junior at Shorewood High School. Eric Lucas is a 17-year-old, he helped organize and lead the march protest.

“I continue to be mentally and physically shaken. To be assaulted by an adult in my own community during a pandemic was traumatic,” Lucas said. “Again and again, I am viewed not as a child but as a color.”

Superintendent Bryan Davis said the inhumane incident “exposed the horrific, overt racism that still exists in our community” and was an “appalling display of racial hatred.”

Bryan Davis called on the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office to include a hate crime penalty enhancement for any upcoming charges against Stephanie Rapkin.

State Rep. David Bowen attended the protest Saturday and called for Stephanie Rapkin to be disbarred, the Journal Sentinel reported.

Stephanie Rapkin was recetly arrested after assulting a man who questioned her about her racist incident with the 17-year-old teen, Eric Lucas. Black Lives Matter. #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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