Kevin Garnett Reportedly Ordered To Pay $100,000 A Month In Child Support

WOW!!! This is Insane!!! How much do you think is too much for child and spousal support? Well, when you’re an accomplished NBA player, $100,000 sounds just about right to this judge. 

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kevin Garnett was ordered to pay his estranged wife Brandi Garnett $100,000 a month to cover spousal and child support.

This may be temporary as the order is only valid until they put a permanent deal in place. 

Brandi filed for divorce earlier this year and sought physical custody of their two kids, Kavalli and Kapri. Kevin responded with his own filing asking for joint legal and physical custody of the kids. 

Kevin apparently also asked the court to remove the spousal support for Brandi as the couple signed a prenup a month before they got married. Brandi is however fighting the prenup and claiming that Kevin violated the terms of the agreement .